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CapsoPro is the first Capsule Endoscopy Independent Diagnostic Testing Facility in the U.S. — our primary readers are board-certified, gastroenterologists based in the United States who are trained and qualified by CapsoPro.  Your patient's health is our number one priority, and our readers champion this mission by making sure you receive high-quality capsule endoscopy reports in a timely manner, every single time.



Our readers are carefully selected based on established criteria and undergo a rigorous credentialing process to ensure that only highly experienced gastroenterologists with knowledge of small bowel pathology review your patient's images. All physician readers have trained in accredited U.S. residencies and fellowships and have been certified by the American Board of Gastroenterology or the American Board of Internal Medicine in their medical specialty. 

We ensure our physicians are highly qualified:

Board Certification – Our physicians are required to be board-certified.  Board certification shows that a physician has successfully completed an approved training program and an evaluation process assessing their ability to provide quality patient care in their specialty.


Maintain Procedure Volumes – The best capsule endoscopy outcomes are achieved by physicians who do those procedures the most.  Each of our primary readers has performed over 100 capsule endoscopy procedures and the vast majority completed more than 200 procedures. 


Licensure – Each primary reader meets licensing requirements set by the State where the interpretation is conducted.


Quality Control  - Physician performance is evaluated regularly by the completion of secondary interpretations and the review of final reports by the CapsoPro Supervisory Physician.

We refuse to compromise on the quality of care that is delivered to your patients. We pay particularly close attention to the ability of the reader to correctly identify pathology and communicate meaningful recommendations in their report. ​Only the most qualified physicians are offered an opportunity to join CapsoPro as Readers.


Reader Spotlight


Richard Kramer, MD,AGAF

Dr. Kramer graduated from University of California, Irvine, School of Medicine in 1972 and was in practice for 47 years, and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Stanford. He completed his Gastroenterology Fellowship at Stanford University.

Dr. Kramer is the Supervising Physician for the CapsoPro service and readers.

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